Feb. 28th, 2008

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All righty - tickets booked for the April visit to Albion: leaving Singapore the evening of 9 April, arriving at London Heathrow at about 6 am local time on the morning of 10 April, and ultimately lingering on until just before noon on 22 April. Flying in and out on Singapore Airlines' A380 with Executive Economy or New Economy of whatever the hell they call it. Bottom line: more leg room, and in-seat power supply for my MacBook Pro.

No real concrete plans as per my fuzzily chaotic self. I have people to visit and hang around with, of course. I will make my usual pilgrimage to the Museum of London at the Barbican, and I would like to catch Wicked and Avenue Q at some point. Aside from that, my schedule is wide open. I foresee lots of park walking... haven't been in London in spring for quite a while.

I'll be staying at my old rooms in Hornsey. Anyone who's interested can pass me their contact details (e-mail to terence dot chua at gmail dot com) and I'll try to get in touch via SMS when I get in. I might get myself one of those prepaid SIM cards...
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Picture of the day, taken from [livejournal.com profile] mrdankelly. [livejournal.com profile] ohiblather will enjoy this one.

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Quick non-spoiler review of Blue Beetle #24. This is one of those comics you should be really be reading because it brings both the fun and the awesome.

Jaime, trapped on an alien mothership, stripped of the scarab and his powers, shows the Reach exactly why Blue Beetles don't need no steenking powers, while on Earth his friends show the same aliens what happens when you mess with a man's family. It also helps if your girlfriend has magic powers.

Once again, writer John Rogers shows us why Jaime Reyes would make Ted Kord so, so proud. If Kyle Rayner had been written like this when he started out, I think people would have been a bit less pissed off about him.

The last two words of the issue actually made me squeal with delight. That's our Beetle - always a half step ahead, even with a gun to his head.

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