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I've been trying to find first-hand information from the Boston Free Speech group, which is planning a rally on Boston Common tomorrow. They don't seem to have a Web presence. They have something on Facebook, which leads me through a captcha to a bunch of short reviews by other people.

They've made some serious blunders, and I'm afraid the result will be violence tomorrow. The first mistake was thinking Facebook is useful. If I knew what they actually had to say, it would be an improvement. Instead, they've let others take control of the narrative. John Medlar, one of the organizers, describes the group as "intentionally neutral libertarians." I don't think I know anyone who's involved with them.

Forming coalitions is difficult. You have to deal with people you dislike in some ways. The key is to choose people who'll present their case rationally and coherently. You can work even with people who have serious disagreements on that basis. Superficial agreement with someone who comes off as a loon is dangerous. I've just been looking at the Twitter feed of Joe Biggs, one of the speakers, and he often looks like the latter. For instance, "The left still ignoring the fact they created the KKK and their Lord Hillary looked up to Robert Byrd a KKK grand wizard." (Democrats did create the KKK, but it's unclear what meaning if any "the left" had in the 1860s.)

Gavin McInnes, who was originally going to speak but dropped out, describes himself as a "libertarian family man for closed borders." This is, at best, a serious inconsistency. The term "libertarian" has become popular enough that some people want to grab it for themselves. I can't prevent it.

The news media sensationalize everything. That's how they sell clicks. I don't think anyone at the Boston Globe actually wants violence tomorrow, but they find it useful to make the situation look as threatening as possible. Between them and Mayor Walsh's "We don't want you here" rhetoric, they're encouraging violence. Without them, this would have been a small event few people would have noticed.

There are people who call violence "kinetic beauty" and claim that beating up people they disagree with constitutes "fighting fascism." They may well show up at Boston Common tomorrow to make sure no one can hear what this rally actually has to say. If this happens, it will be a stain on Boston.

'Eye of the Beholder'

Aug. 17th, 2017 09:01 pm
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'Eye of the Beholder' from Batman Annual #14 is probably the most important modern Two-Face story ever written. This was the issue that fleshed out Harvey Dent's origins and redefined his characterization as someone who was already struggling with his psyche before the acid hit. A lot of the material here was later used in 'The Long Halloween', the animated series as well as The Dark Knight.

Unfortunately this has yet to be reprinted by DC, either in trade or in digital format. I imagine the latter will happen sooner or later (Comixology is constantly adding old comics to the archive) but DC's treatment of this has always puzzled me.

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'One of the complaints the Byrne Bashers like to dust off from time to time is that I have a "fetish" about young girls crushing on older men. In a forty five year career, this is something I have done a grand total of four times with Mac and Heather Hudson, Lana and Superman in GENERATIONS, Rita Farr and Cliff Steele, and Reed and Sue Richards. And that last one was set in place by Stan and Jack. As fetishes go, not much to write home about.' - John Byrne

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Royals #5 - "The Center of Things"

Aug. 17th, 2017 02:51 am
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There’s a thing readers should understand with this book: we’re not doing business in the normal way. There will be no tie-ins until we get back to Earth. We’re self-contained, telling our own story, beholden to nobody, and we’re on a trip out to the far reaches of Marvel Space, and we’re going to come back changed, and carrying something very special with us. -- Al Ewing

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I recently went down a rabbit hole about the fabulous, foul-mouthed Thori. and since my dog can also be a yelling arsehole...
i give you the heartwarming story of seven Yule puppies. )
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Has anyone ever filmed a scene where a priest blesses his own saliva then gobs in a vampire's eye? -- Si Spurrier

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After The Flintstones, it's perhaps no surprise they are shifting in the other direction temporally, and in giving us, in Novemeber...

The Jetsons )


Aug. 16th, 2017 06:26 pm
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Continuing Harvey Dent's 75th anniversary is Matt Wagner's 'Faces' from Legends of the Dark Knight #28-30. It's considered by a lot of people to be one of the definitive Two-Face stories. I'm personally on the fence; it's well-written and drawn but Harvey's character and overall motivations are fairly inconsistent with how he's usually depicted. The story might have been served better with a number of other Bat-villains instead. But who knows, you might think differently.  

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In the beginning, Kara wore a blue frock:


If it looked a bit like a high school cheerleader's outfit (back in the day when cheerleader outfits didn't show much skin and weren't all that tight fitting), that was probably intentional. And this suited her just fine all through high school and most of the way though college. And then, 12 years later, her editors belatedly realized the 60's had brought a sea change in fashion, and things started to get weird. Sartorial madness ensued )

And that is the long and sad story of Kara's closet of super outfits. Maybe someone sensible came along and rescued her from further sartorial shame by stealing all but the hotpants ensemble?

In some cases sadly, in other cases thankfully, we never got to see her wearing some of the other outfits in that closet, but evidence of their existence was preserved:Read more... )

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