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By now, some of you may have heard that I'll be the Toastmaster for next year's GAFilk. I couldn't make it this year because I had to choose between going back to the South and attending the British filkcon, but [ profile] autographedcat asked me if I wanted to take the role for 2010 and I was more than happy to... I'd have been there anyway, guest or no.

So, see y'all there. Now, if someone can only tell me what a Toastmaster is supposed to do...
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Sunday morning, and I'm dressed in my traditional Sunday shirt and listening to the Eucemenifilk while surfing the net in a corner of the main filk room. Closing ceremonies in about an hour and a half, but there's still the Dead Dog, although not everyone I hoped would be hanging around are (boo!). Need. More. Coffee.
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More photographs will be added as the day progresses at, so keep checking. It's shaping up to be a typical GAFilk... very relaxing, and more social than anything else.
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Safely in Atlanta, after a journey halfway around the world that took 24 hours, 30 minutes. Or thereabouts. Lots of people already here, lots of hugs going about. Had dinner at the Alien Waffle House™ — hash browns, with onions, peppers, mushrooms and diced ham, and a glass of sweet tea — ah, the South.

More people, more music, and more hugs tomorrow, I'm sure. But for now... sleep. I'll tell you about Northwest Airlines at some point. Didn't exactly suck, but it wasn't all that great either.
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Gate opens in about 10 minutes. Desperately in need of caffeine, but I'm holding off because I plan to slip into a coma quite rapidly upon settling into my seat.

See y'all soon.
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Got my hotel room for GAFIlk from January 10-13. I'm more than happy to have people crash/room share (well, pending the usual screening procedures for psychosis and so on, of course), so let me know.

GAFilk 2008

Sep. 2nd, 2007 10:46 pm
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It's near time to start planning my yearly pilgrimage to the South — GAFilk 2008 is from January 11-13. How long I hang around before or after kind of depends on whether there's anybody to do stuff with.

So, who's going to be around and would have time and like to hang out?
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We lost Dave Alway.

Goodnight, [ profile] tnatj. I'll always remember that quiet, gentle guy sitting in a corner of reception at GAFilk, buttons and button materials laid out in front of him, and always happy to distribute them or explain how they were made to anyone who passed by and lingered, but never pushed to make himself heard. Because you never needed to. Your last days were happy ones, and that's all that matters.
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At the airport, about to board the plane. Barring any other cock-ups, I'll be seeing people at GAFilk in about 27 hours or so.
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Just after I posted the last one, I discovered that my passport expires in April. In case anyone else except my moronic self wasn't aware of this, you need to have at least six months left on your passport to travel around. So I ran myself down right away to Singapore Immigration to see if I could get a last minute extension.


Best they could do is to issue me a new passport tomorrow afternoon, which means I'm going to have to push my flight back 24 hours or so. So I'll be in about 8pm on Friday night instead of the Thursday evening. Bummer.

I'll be there. Just a little later than scheduled.
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Packing my things. Will be touching down at Atlanta Hartsfield in about 36 hours or so.
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Anyone up for a room share? I arrive Thursday night, and will be there to Monday morning.

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