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Since I'm still in a Watchman-y kind of mood, here's Alan Moore's musical take on Steve Ditko and his Objectivist hero, Mr. A.

He had one room above a thrift store.
He had a trunk of books by Ayn Rand.
He was short-sighted and reclusive,
Resisting pleas to take his photograph.

He drew a super-hero comic.
He saw the world in terms of black and white.
He said, "A day's work for a day's pay,
"That is our one and only right."

He takes a card and shades one half of it in dark
So he can demonstrate to you just what he means.
He says, "There's black and there is white,
"And there is wrong and there is right,
"And there is nothing - nothing - in between."

That's what Mr. A said.

- "Mr. A" by Alan Moore and the Emperors of Ice Cream
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Yeah, it's the music from the Watchmen trailer. Originally written as a variation on a piece Smashing Pumpkins did for Batman and Robin, it winds up being more appropriate for the upcoming movie than the one it was written for.

Delivered from the blast, the last of a line of lasts, the pale princess of a palace cracked... )

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