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Touched down yesterday, and am ensconced in my youngest sister Adelin's apartment in Brooklyn.

My new niece couldn't wait, it seems - she was born while Mom and I were en route to the US.

I've been announcing it all over, so I apologize for the redundancy, but for those not in the know: Zadie Marina Malik, born 4.33am, 29 November 2008 at New York University Medical Center, 6 lbs 4 oz.

Both mother (my younger sister Jasmin) and daughter are doing fine and of course she's the bestest most beautiful baby in the world,

Some pictures at for a start.

Yeah, I'm going to be one of those uncles.
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Comic-Con is done, will update soon. But pictures are at my Flickr page. Currently ensconced in [ profile] cadhla's house in Concord, CA.

I also bought myself an AT&T pay-as-you-go SIM card I took from a GoPhone and stuck in my N95, so if you need to reach me while I'm in the US, the number is (925) 890-5952.


Jun. 2nd, 2008 02:15 pm
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I am a weak man: the Great Singapore Sale came and I succumbed to the purchase of this MacBook Air, named Clio: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB HD.

They threw in the Superdrive and Applecare for S$170, which was a deal I couldn't resist. Named after the muse of history, not the Renault.

I've had her for nearly a week now and she's no frills, but easy on the eyes and easy to use for the basic stuff. She'll be my new travelling companion, basically, and a hell of a lot lighter than Callisto to transport. I'll still be using Callisto and Emma for the heavy lifting, though.
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As you may know, under Mac OS X 10.5, you can remotely access your other Macs on the same network and even over the Internet and control them via Screen Sharing.

So I wondered... what if I Screen Shared Emma via Callisto, then Screen Shared Callisto via Emma?

Predictable, but pretty results. )
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Newest toy — the Master's laser screwdriver:

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I don't know what caused this glitch that displays in the Mail application on my iPod Touch, but it's amusing nonetheless. I know spam kind of builds up, but this...

Cut graphic )

(and yes, my mailbox is empty)
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From Stargate: Atlantis Season 4, episode 11: "Be All My Sins Remember'd", my latest sci-fi actress crush (Canadian actress Michelle Morgan). She only appeared for a few minutes screen time, but she was absolutely adorable and kicked ass. Hopefully she'll get appear again: after all, she's just a computer program in a very cute body.

The following image will only make sense for those who watched the episode, really. )
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More photographs will be added as the day progresses at, so keep checking. It's shaping up to be a typical GAFilk... very relaxing, and more social than anything else.
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Spent a busy two days at the Singapore Writers Festival. I thought I'd be able to see at least some of the other events, but it turns out that ushering Kurt Busiek (and later on Gail Simone) around for their panels pretty much took up all my time... which was okay. I mean, being able to help and also hang out with real comic book writers, and good comic book writers which I both admire at that, was a treat. Luckily I was actually officially asked to do it, or else I'd have been a particularly creepy stalker.

There were plenty of people willing and able to show them around, of course. In the time here, Kurt and Gail have seen Fort Canning, sampled chilli crab, various bits of local cuisine like fish head curry, char kway teow, carrot cake, steamboat, roti prata... as Scott, Gail's husband mentioned, he doesn't think we emphasize enough about our food. Of course, the two of them — all of them, really, including Gail's husband and son — were lovely people (as if I was going to say otherwise... but no, they really are. Gracious, polite, and tolerant of all the rushing around and swarmed around by fans).

I think/hope they did enjoy themselves. The panels went well — both Gail and Kurt were pleasantly surprised to find that the questions from the audience were pretty much the same kinds of questions they get at San Diego. I was afraid going in at whether or not there would be enough comic fans and geeks around since the SWF weren't that good at publicizing the fact that the two of them were coming, especially not to the fan population, which kind of ignores anything arty-farty that the government comes up with, but it turned out all right. Being used to conventions helped me a bit, since I was able to organize and moderate a bit more effectively because of that. The organizers are a great bunch of people, very enthusiastic, very supporting, but what I've seen at the SWF, comic books are still a niche event and they don't know quite where to place us. But that's really nothing new. I'm hoping that if it happens again next year I can persuade the organizers or give a few ideas as to how to create a bigger presence for comic books, with more panels (time was at a premium, especially for the last panel on local graphic novels, which really needs more time and broader coverage) and more publicity.

I think there's potential in the local fan community, from what I've seen. Having been involved in fannish organizations here in Singapore and abroad, I'm not sure I want to really put in the work to get it sorted out... it's a lot of work, and you wind up dealing with so much political stuff in the end it stops being fun... but there's potential. We're years away from being able to do something approximating a con, of course. There's a glimmer of a foundation that can be worked on, I think, and I met a couple of people who seemed to share the same feeling. There's a lot of artists here, of course, and also people interested in writing for comics. The real question is what Singapore really has to contribute to the international comics industry, and that's something we have to think long and hard about to be able to distinguish ourselves from the herd, or wind up just a one-note cultural cliché. But that's another discussion.

In the end, it was fun, it was great meeting Kurt and Gail and family, and I'm hoping they'll go back and tell Mark Waid what he missed and sing Singapore's praises to other writers and artists so they'll be eager to brave the 24-hour journey down here.

So here's a photograph of two geniuses and a geek. )
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Uploaded a few photos showing off the iPod Touch on Flickr.

Battery life looks pretty good so far, even when surfing - about an hour's worth took down the bar by about a tenth or so.
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On Saturday, I somehow managed to lay Callisto down on a table that must have had some kind of metallic grit or a discarded staple, which caused a superficial, but nasty looking scratch on her underside. And after all the trouble I took to protect her keyboard with a silicone cover and a layer of plastic to protect both the wrist resting areas below the keyboard and the trackpad.

To prevent further mishap, I got one of these, in red, to put her in — so she's nice and snug and protected in a hardcase now, which still allows her to be used, ports and all. Have a look:

Side rear view From the front
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Here's the details behind the previous post. First time I've done this kind of thing, I swear.

After my post on the subject of missing seeing Sylvester McCoy, on Friday morning I contemplated whether or not to really haunt the stage door. As it turns out, it wouldn't have been possible because of the attendants blocking off the area, but anyhow...

About 20 years ago, I went to school with Gurjeet Singh, the person who's now the theatre manager of the Victoria Theatre, one of the major theatres in Singapore. The RSC's performance King Lear was actually organised by another company, the Singapore Repertory Theatre, but I thought, what the hell, maybe I'd give the old school tie connections a shot.

I spoke to Gurjeet, apologising first for not being in touch for so long and asking him if he had any pull with SRT, explaining my fanboy predilections. He remarked that actually, I probably didn't need any kind of pull, but could approach SRT directly. He suggested that I call the managing director. After getting a hold of a staff member at SRT, she said she would pass the message on.

A few hours later, the managing director, Guarav Kripalani, returned my call. I explained once again how much of a fan I was of McCoy, and he said he didn't think it would be a problem and would ask. It took until the next morning for him to confirm that yes, it would be possible and he even offered to arrange for a ticket for me (it was the cheapest at $250 — which I paid for gladly, since according to the website, there were absolutely no tickets left).

So the next evening, when I should have been off raiding Karazhan (not that I'm getting many slots on that these days), I was at the Esplanade Theatre watching the RSC put on King Lear. As far as the show goes, I'll tell you what I told Sir Ian McKellan later: "It's the RSC — what else can I say?" It was indeed brilliant, and seeing McCoy on stage was just wonderful, and he was brilliant as well, almost stealing the show from McKellan, when they were on together, which is no mean feat.

After the show, I waited next to the programme sales counter. Reuters was having a get-together with the cast after the performance, and they sauntered past. I saw William Gaunt walk by, and didn't have the nerve to stop him. When McCoy came out, I approached him and introduced myself. He looked a bit wary at first until my identity was indeed confirmed by Gaurav. I won't white-wash it: I was in full-on fanboy mode, and gushed a bit. McCoy graciously took it all in stride, and not only autographed my copies of the Doctor Who Magazine Special: The Complete Seventh Doctor and my DVD of Remembrance of the Daleks (my very first McCoy story and the one that made me a fan back in 1991), but he brought me along to the reception and introduced me to Sir Ian McKellan and William Gaunt as well.

I didn't really get much of a chance to speak to them — they were circulating around with the Reuters Circle bunch, but I did manage to get photographs and autographs. Sir Ian was somewhat amused that I came to see McCoy instead of him and signed my programme "from a non-Dr. Who". Gaunt also signed my DVD of Revelation of the Daleks. After this the company is going onto Australia, then then other spots, including the US and ending back up in England in November.

I didn't want to overstay my welcome so I said my goodbyes and left after about half an hour, a very happy man indeed. What else can I say? This meant a lot to me and I'm grateful to Gaurav for arranging it. I'm sure that McCoy has rabid Doctor Who fans clamouring after him all the time, but I'm pretty sure that he didn't really expect to find one in Singapore mad enough to do this. Hopefully I gave him at least something to talk about: "You know, there was this judge in Singapore who came to see me, not Ian McKellan!"

Time will tell. It always does.
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My Simpsons Avatar
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The Simpsons version of myself (sans glasses, which they didn't have an option for).

Made with the Simpsons Avatar maker at
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While watching the fourth season of Mary Tyler Moore, guess who I see in (from what I can gather from IMDB) his first television role?

Cut your hair, you damn hippie. )

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