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For those Stargate: Atlantis fans out there, a pre-air version (which seems pretty much complete to me) of the Season 5 opener, "Search and Rescue", is floating around the usual back channels.
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From Stargate: Atlantis Season 4, episode 11: "Be All My Sins Remember'd", my latest sci-fi actress crush (Canadian actress Michelle Morgan). She only appeared for a few minutes screen time, but she was absolutely adorable and kicked ass. Hopefully she'll get appear again: after all, she's just a computer program in a very cute body.

The following image will only make sense for those who watched the episode, really. )
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I just watched Stargate: Atlantis: "Sunday".

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And here we go — the last of the outfit variations, with the jacket/pants combo and just the gunbelt. Ignore the discarded tac vest on the ground in the background and the horrible paunch that the model has... damn, I need to get in shape.

Picture credit to Debbie Ohi.
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Full Stargate: Atlantis outfit
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So here it is: the full Stargate: Atlantis tactical outfit, with the tac vest and the drop-down holster. It's surprisingly comfortable, but at the same time, given the unseasonably warm Georgia weather we had over the weekend and being indoors, it got a bit wet beneath.

The tac vest came with a spring-loaded BB MP40, but I didn't want to bring that down into the main convention area and make people nervous, so I'm not even carrying anything in the holster.

Later on, I'll have pictures of me without the tac vest and just the drop-down.
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Atlantis jacket and pants
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Here's a slightly fuller look at the costume as it stands now — the semi-leather Gore-Tex Army boots are Singapore Armed Forces issue. Luckily the characters have been taking to wearing the combat boots in Season Three rather than the hiking shoes they had for Seasons One and Two, so I can safely say that the uniform is still sticking closely to canon.
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Okay, so I figure I'd try to put one together. The hardest part (and the most expensive), it turns out, is to get the specialised jacket and pants they have on the show, which are not BDUs and WEP G8 jackets like they wear on SG-1. However, I found a guy that customises them, so I've got a hold of them. I won't tell you how much it cost, because you're going to call me crazy.

The tactical vest was actually easier to find. There are genuine ones available here in Singapore at the army supplies shops around Beach Road, meant for hobbyists (paintball, wargames and the like) but they were a little on the expensive side and didn't quite match the show look. However I discovered a great look-alike vest on-line complete with drop holster and belt for US$59.99.

Next thing was to try and track down the type of hiking boots that Sheppard wears, but turns out that this season he's wearing good old-fashioned half-leather Gore-Tex boots which, coincidentally, I already have: my Reservists' boots direct from the Singapore Armed Forces which I've used for hiking, funnily enough, since I got taken off the Reserves list 5 years ago.

So, what's left?

1. Tactical Vest
2. Black T-shirt
3. Atlantis jacket with patches
4. Army-style thin belt with brass pull-through buckle
5. Atlantis pants
6. Drop-down holster
7. Combat boots
8. VISAR walkie-talkie with stubby antenna

And of course replica weapons, which I think I can do without, really, for costuming purposes, not unless I want to get arrested on the street. Have I missed anything?

Anyone got a spare VISAR they can let go of? It doesn't have to work.

ETA: (23/12/06) ALL DONE!
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Stargate SG-1 this week was okay, and enjoyable, but Atlantis's mid-season finale knocked it right out of the park. Pretty much character driven, it was a great episode in a great series and had everything that I love about the show and the cast so much, even over their parent series. The feeling of family, and of Atlantis as home, has never been more palpable, which is why it hurt so much to watch the first half hour of this episode, and to see the effects it had on our merry crew.

Spoilerish comments, mostly squee. )
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For those in the know out there:

Just out of curiosity, if I wanted to put together a Stargate: Atlantis costume like Sheppard wears on missions, what do I need?
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Over the weekend, I managed to catch hold of the season premieres of Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1. In that order: I know it's actually the reverse order of broadcast, but those who saw the cliffhanger for BSG's first season know why I went straight for that one, just the see what the hell happened. All I can say, non-spoilery wise, is... wow. Edge of my seat for the last ten minutes or so.

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