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CNN Tells YouTube to pull down video outing GOP party head. )

To be fair on CNN, the reason they probably pulled the piece isn't because of censorship but because it's defamatory, and they can get sued as a republisher. Now, I'm not sure whether there's been any case law for a situation where a republisher takes their stuff off the stands, but someone steals the content and puts it up anyway (fair use or no), and liability can still be established, but I don't think CNN would want to take the risk and the cost of litigation over a throwaway remark by Maher.


May. 10th, 2006 08:24 pm
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I am shocked - shocked, I say, at the allegations of cronyism, corruption and moral turpitude surrounding such prominent members of the Bush administration and its assorted associated agencies. Taking bribes from defence contractors? Government contracts being given to companies with dubious financial backgrounds? There's never been a hint that this stuff has been going on, has there?

It's not just that the Emperor has no clothes. It's just that he insists on walking around naked and thinks no one will notice.

Midterms in November, guys. Don't disappoint me.
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So, you've heard about how kimchi can prevent avian flu? This was reported back in March, but the story has kind of fallen by the wayside. Until now, that is, in the midst of allegations that Chinese-produced kimchi has lead and other nasty stuff in it leading to a drop in sales.

Coincidence, surely? No? You're all such cynical bastards. The lot of you.

*Sniff* I'm so proud. Obi-Wan has taught you well.

Still, better safe than sorry: here's how to make your own. And if you can't stand kimchi (I love it myself, no need for bird flu to persuade me to scoff it down), try sauerkraut instead. Either one goes nice on roast beef.
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To those of you who may be in the path of Rita...

Be safe; my best hopes and prayers are with you.

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