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Since I'm still in a Watchman-y kind of mood, here's Alan Moore's musical take on Steve Ditko and his Objectivist hero, Mr. A.

He had one room above a thrift store.
He had a trunk of books by Ayn Rand.
He was short-sighted and reclusive,
Resisting pleas to take his photograph.

He drew a super-hero comic.
He saw the world in terms of black and white.
He said, "A day's work for a day's pay,
"That is our one and only right."

He takes a card and shades one half of it in dark
So he can demonstrate to you just what he means.
He says, "There's black and there is white,
"And there is wrong and there is right,
"And there is nothing - nothing - in between."

That's what Mr. A said.

- "Mr. A" by Alan Moore and the Emperors of Ice Cream
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An extended version of the "Boom-De-Ah-Dah" song from Discovery Channel (also known as "I Love the World"). Yeah, I know, a lot of people (myself included) didn't glom on to this until xkcd pointed us in its direction, but rarely do I find a song that makes me want to hug everybody I see after I hear it, so once again, here's the original (with subtitles!), and below is the longer version.

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Youtube stream remembering the late, great, George Carlin, telling it like it is. Warning: strong NSFW language.

But below, George in a less angry mode, doing one of my favourite of his routines: the difference between Baseball and Football.

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A song by my friend [ profile] bardiclug, who worked on the new Incredible Hulk video game from Sega that ties in with the new movie. Now, how cool is that?

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NYT: Democrats criticize McCain on Iraq strategy. )

You can see the video where McCain describes when the troops come home as "not too important" here.

But as I've always said, it's all about context. What's the actual exchange?
TODAY: If it's working, Senator, do you now have a better estimate of when American forces can come home from Iraq?

MCCAIN: No, but that's not too important. What's important is the casualties in Iraq. Americans are in South Korea, Americans are in Japan, American troops are in Germany — that's all fine. American casualties and the ability to withdraw... we will be able to withdraw. General Petraeus is going to tell us in July when he thinks we are. But the key to is that we don't want any more Americans in harm's way. And that way they will be safe, and serve our country, and come home with honor, and victory. Not in defeat, which is what Senator Obama's proposal would have done.
Right now what he's saying is actually correct: it's not so much the fact that Americans are in Iraq that's the real problem... after all, as he points out, American troops are all over the world. It's that they are dying.

The very presence of American troops in Iraq is a problem, though, in terms of resources, in terms of military necessity, in terms of wastage, but at the end of the day, the human response wouldn't be as strong if they were not in danger. So he's right. It's not as important. What might be a bit off his his insistence on withdrawal with honor... which may lead to those casualties he says he's trying to avoid.

I'm no fan of the Republicans, as is obvious, but I don't think it's really fair to jump on McCain in this particular instance: there've been greater misstatements and more egregious positions he's taken. The new G.I. Bill, for instance...

Avenue Jew

Jun. 10th, 2008 10:31 pm
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By way of Mark Evanier:

The Easter Bonnet Competition is an annual benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. In 2004, the cast of Avenue Q and Fiddler on the Roof put together this little mash-up (article and script here):

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As an unabashed Four/Romana 'shipper (and one who generally worships the sainted Lalla Ward), here's another fanvid to share, from Calapine, the same person who did the "Welcome to the Black Parade" fanvid.
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One of the better fanvids I've seen for Doctor Who, similar to the mashup of clips Doctor Who Confidential did to Fall Down Boy's "Thanks Fr Th Mmrs" — this time, it's to My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade". And with very well chosen and timed clips that synch with the lyrics.

"He is impulsive, idealistic, ready to risk his life for a worthy cause. He hates tyranny and oppression, and anything that is anti-life. He never gives in, and he never gives up, however overwhelming the odds against him. The Doctor believes in good and fights evil. Though often caught up in violent situations, he is a man of peace. He is never cruel or cowardly. In fact, to put it simply, the Doctor is a hero. These days, there aren't so many of them..."
      -- unrecorded bonus track on "Doctor Who: Seasons of Fear".
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In another hilarious installment of "Hi, I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC", Iron Man and Batman discuss their movies. Might be spoilers for those who've not seen Iron Man or Batman Begins.

And if you're in that category, I... I... *choke* I just don't know you anymore...

Meet Molly

May. 16th, 2008 08:21 pm
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I'm not usually one for "Chicken Soup for the Soul" type stories, but I make an exception with animals. And after the horrific and heartbreaking tragedy of Eight Belles, this story seems all the more poignant. After all, y'know: ponies!

Meet Molly, the pony with the prosthetic leg.

More on Molly here and here.
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A bit late for Mother's Day, but...

What a Mom says in a 24-hour period compressed to under 3 minutes, by Anita Renfroe, to the tune of the William Tell Overture.

(pointed out to me by [ profile] agaricus)
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Beneath the cut, brought to my attention by Ben Goldacre's latest Bad Science blog entry, a video of a homeopathy lecture that is awe-inspiring in its stupidity and ignorance. I literally spent half of watching this yelling, "What the hell are you talking about?!?" and the other half slack-jawed in astonishment.

Bad Science: The Stupid, It Burns )

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